NEUROPUBLIC S.A. is working with the Agricultural Cooperative of Episkopi Naousas (AC Episkopi) and the Agricultural Cooperative of Kalivia Pellas (A.C. Kalivion) on the development and application of innovative smart farming services for peach production, which aim at the improving the quality of peaches and increasing yields, with reduced production cost and minimized environmental impact.

More specifically, in the context of SmartPeach, NEUROPUBLIC and specialized collaborating researchers work closely on the development and implementation of smart farming services based on scientific predictive models for the crop protection and the irrigation of peach trees. The services will be offered through a digital platform that makes use of data acquired from satellites, from agrometeorological IoT stations that NEUROPUBLIC designs and builds, from on-farm observations and measurements by agronomists as well as from a log of agricultural activities performed by the farmers.

The aim of the smart irrigation advisory service developed in the context of SmartPeach is the definition of the crop’s precise irrigation needs, so that farmers can constantly ensure a sufficient level of soil moisture without allowing under- or over- irrigation, that would significantly lower fruit quality and increase production costs. In line, the smart crop protection advisory service constantly informs agronomists and producers about the risk of infection/infestation of their crop by pests and diseases respectively, so that that they can take all necessary crop protection measures on time, avoiding preventive, unnecessary  and untimely applications which have an adverse effect on the fruit, the production cost and the environment.

Apart from the obvious financial benefit for peach producers, these services will significantly contribute to the mitigation of the environmental impact of peach production, as they will lead to rationalized use of agrochemicals and reduced use of natural resources such as irrigation water.

Το φυλλάδιο του έργου Smartpeach

The aforementioned smart farming services will be applied within the next months in peach orchards of the two Agricultural Cooperatives that participate in SmartPeach, and the results of the application will provide valuable feedback that will eventually increase even more the precision of the provided advice.

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